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Company History

Over Five Decades of Exceptional Service

deBoer Trucking began operations in 1967 as a small family run cattle hauler in rural Blenker, Wisconsin.

A rapid evolution began with industry deregulation migrating from cattle to paper serving Wisconsin to the Southern and Western markets.

In 1993 deBoer purchased North American Freight Service an Intrastate Texas carrier.

Success led to the development of a strong regional southwestern business base and an international presence for cross border Mexico service.

In the late 90's TOFC services were added.

In 2003, deBoer Transportation, Inc. was formed to expand the range of services to include a company fleet, owner operator division and brokerage services.

In 2007 various logistics services were developed for specific customers.

Today deBoer Transportation, Inc. is a full service "Smartway Carrier" and operates to serve its' customers throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Our goals are strategic growth, superior customer service, sustained operational excellence, and provide a rewarding and stable work environment for our employees.

Aerial View of deBoer Transportation Facility